I'm Anna Mischke.


I currently live in Melbourne and I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and New York before making it back to Washington State, where I call "home."

I'm inking my way into the world as an Illustrator and my "day job" is freelancing as a Content Marketing Specialist. I also dabble as a tattoo artist (when COVID isn't cramping the world's style) inking my little drawings on people one *bzzt* at a time.

You can find me co-hosting a ridiculous paranormal podcast called something weird with my longtime strange-stuff researcher and friend, Brooke. 


Some of the most important things in the world to me are:

- My cats, Bastille and King

- Carbonated water

- Quality sleep

- Emotional exploration

- My teammate and partner in snacking + life, Mark

- Mental health awareness, conversation, acceptance, and support

- Delfonics .5mm Ballpoint Pens

- Stickers (particularly teeny tiny ones)

- Memories of tuk tuk rides down the red, dusty streets of Cambodia

- Tidepools and all of their inhabitants, lichen, seashells, and the wonders of mycelium

- Radical candor

- Cava Brut

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