I'm Anna Mischke.


I currently live in Melbourne and call Washington State "Home."

I wear many hats (Supernatural Delight is my current fave) — but I also do many things in the world of work. I'm an Illustrator (still a small fish, but loving every little line I draw) and freelance as a Content Marketing Specialist. I volunteer some of my time as a designer for the Red Cross and particularly love working on projects that highlight mental health awareness, prompt conversation, and precipitates acceptance and support.


My personal delights include co-hosting a ridiculous paranormal podcast called something weird with my longtime strange-stuff researcher and friend, Brooke and pretending to be a cheesemonger. I also dabble as a tattoo artist (when COVID isn't cramping everyone's style), inking my little pieces on people one fine-lined *bzzzt* at a time.

Interested in sharing your project/dream/goals/vision with me? Perhaps even seeing how I might help support you?

Let's connect! 

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