If you:

  • receive saniderm bandages (clear second skin bandage) leave bandage on for 3-4 days as instructed by your artist.

  • receive normal bandages please leave on for 2-3 hours or until you are in a clean environment.

  1. Remove bandage/wrap and wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a clean paper towel.

  2. Apply a thin layer of the provided aftercare ointment/balm to the tattoo 2-3 times a day for three days (as needed if the area is dry)

  3. To maintain the longevity and health of your tattoo, continue moisturizing the tattooed area with unscented body lotion.

  4. Do not pick or peel scabs, it may cause the tattoo to fall out/lose ink.


  1. Long-term exposure to the elements can cause fading. Please refrain from exposing the tattoo to the sun for the first 2 weeks. 

  2. Tattoos in high motion areas are prone to fading and may require a touch-up

  3. 2-3 weeks after your tattoo: no soaking, sauna, bathing, swimming, or prolonged exposure to water (sorry, my nudibranch/selkies/mermaids!)


  1. Your first touch up is free for up to 6 months after the initial appointment

  2. Hand and foot tattoos will fade and additional charges will be applied for any touch-ups

  3. To schedule a touch-up, shoot me an email directly and I'll get you booked in!

  4. I love pictures of your healed leetle tattoos! So send me photos/tag @dew.claw and @peachbaby on Instagram of your healed bbs a month after they're done and you'll be entered to win some fun treats!