I'm in Melbourne + This is Fine

Here I am in Melbourne, half freezing because I spend most of my time on the bottom floor of our townhouse which is a converted warehouse. Meaning it'll be great when I actually experience another summer, but otherwise I'm freezing or having hot flashes.

We all know what a year it's been. From COVID wreaking havoc and ongoing injustices from police brutality to systemic abuse through what seems like every freakin' institution there is. Now the wildfires - and then the upcoming elections.

Ah yes, the Roaring 20's indeed.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know how I ended up in Melbourne and what's been going on, here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Mark moved here at the start of the year to open a new office for the company he's worked with for the past several years

  2. I stuck behind to keep working, get our townhouse ready for rent, and get all my visa stuff in order.

  3. COVID became a thing and restrictions started ramping up

  4. March 16, my visa is granted. Mark tells me I need to book a ticket ASAP - as in: within the next 24 hours

  5. A small tantrum, running around the house in a panic, getting support from my family and friends, and 18 hours later - I was on a plane to Australia.

  6. With 3 hours left on the flight to go, the Aussie Victorian Government announced that starting that next morning, a travel ban would be put into effect; only permanent residents and citizens would be allowed entry. Nearly crapped my pants at the relief of making it.

  7. Spent the next 2 weeks in quarantine, then got to know the inside of our townhouse in Melbourne extremely well as Victoria remains in lockdown for the majority of the 6 months since I arrived.

And here we are!

I am so glad I made it in time to spend these past several months with Mark. We're beyond fortunate for a million reasons. Each week is a roller coaster of emotions. What am I saying - each day, each hour - is a rollercoaster of emotions. Just today I was happily doing the dishes after recording an episode of something weird followed by a great meeting with potential co-volunteers, when Billy Joel's Vienna came started playing and I had a crying jag covered by the noise of the faucet.

I have so much to say, so little to share - and here I am picking back up where I left off at Mischke Business a few years ago. So I'll leave you now with these wise words from The Piano Man:

Slow down, you're doing fine
You can't be everything you want to be
Before your time
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