Comforting Rituals I Probably Only Sometimes Do

Self care. Wellness. Something so natural can seem so daunting. I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow or even really a semblance of a healthy person for the most part.

But we know we need it, that self care, because our eyes are glued to screens all day and we're getting pulled here and there and over there. Because we're probably not eating all the things we should be. Because there are bills and coworkers and bosses and customers and kids and stinky pets and errands to run and that weird shoulder pain that won't go away.

I know there are only so many hours in the day and it seems like you just can't fit everything you need to do within that timeframe. I know I'm terrible, saying "I just don't have time!" when it comes to doing the small things that make me feel infinitely better. But I do have the time. And I'll bet you do too, more or less.

It's been a hell of a year. A ridiculously fantastic year, at that. But it hasn't felt like I've switched OFF since...I can't remember. Almost all good, no - great - things: new Bastille, new Whitman (although his farts are suffocating me), marrying Mark, moving into our first house, celebrating friends...but I'm tired. But feeling a bit more alive, better... every day that I commit to several small things.

1. Wake up early-ish, not crack-of-dawn early like some masochists but early enough to feel as if I've joined the living at a reasonable hour.

2. Put the phone down. Immediately after turning off my sleep analyzer, I put my phone away and try and go do anything but check my emails, start scrolling, or even notice what messages and notifications await for the day.

3. Make the freakin' bed. Small thing, big payoff...that one motivational video that says something like 'well if you literally fail at everything else today at least you made your bed.' Well, it makes sense.

4. Take my meds...and vitamins and supplements. Magnesium, L-Theanine, Probiotic with 30 Billion CFUs, Curcuminoids, + Multi with B12, D, C, A, et al

5. Drink some water. I'm not about to slam a whole Hydroflask, but even a little water (extra credit if it's with lemon balm extract) makes me feel less...shriveled. And puffy. Shriveled and puffy.

6. Stretch. Okay, you can even do this one from bed. Extra feel-good points for a good stretch session out of bed and a thousand points for a run...endorphins are the real deal.

7. Wash my face. This one I can't budge on. I use a separate cleanser and lotion in the morning and various calming ones at night. If it's been one of THOSE nights I'll use a towelette...but it has to be done. Not only am I washing off all the bug poop and dead skin cells and other people's spit particles off my face, but I also envision stress and annoyance and the bad moments of the day sliding down the drain.

That might sound like a lot of stuff on top of the million other things you have to think about and do. Maybe it sounds like the cakest list of things to do and *pat on the head* good job for living. Either way, it's worth feeling even a modicum of improvement. So if you're struggling right now, like me and seemingly everyone else, try to do just three small things a day that might help. Try three of my small things or think of three of your tried-and-true own.

I have a feeling if you just force yourself to allow the few minutes it takes, you'll feel a shimmer of better.

What exactly is a shimmer of better? I guess you know it when you feel it.

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